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Have you invited Jesus into your life and memories and allowed Him to highlight your insecurities? I know it sounds hard, and it is. But once you ascend to a higher way of thinking about the lies you believe, and let Jesus heal your pain and give you freedom, you will finally feel loved, accepted, and free.

Episode 37. LIVE INNER HEALING SESSION! Lacking TRUE Love And Freedom? How To Let Go Of Self-Hate And Negative Self-Talk, Hear God’s Voice, And Allow Him To HEAL The Past Lies And Deception

Faith, Inner Healing, Podcast

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How do you allow Jesus to heal you and lighten the burdens of your traumas? Do you believe he can heal you and give you a new life? That he can forgive your lies and shine the truth in your spirit?

Episode 35. LIVE INNER HEALING SESSION! Have You Let Your Dreams Die? How To Allow The Holy Spirit To Heal Your Past Traumas And Gift You A New Life

Faith, Inner Healing, Podcast, Spiritual Growth

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Episode 27. STUCK In Negativity? Lost Your JOY? How to Redefine Your Identity By Allowing God To Heal Your Hurts And Triggers With Rebecca Dawson

How are you allowing yourself to heal from traumas and triggers that cause you to hurt? How about allowing God to be part of your healing and redefining journey? You’re are called to be free of negativity to better serve in the kingdom of God.

Blog, Faith, Inner Healing, Podcast, Special Guest, Spiritual Growth

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How are you handling your eating habits this new year, still thinking of yo-yoing? You need to find healing from yo-yo diets because all they do is create food trauma in you. Here’s another approach: seek restoration from Jesus and find a program that will help you let go of extreme diets by starting to eat clean.

Episode 12. BONUS: Valuable Voices Podcast Guest Interview + 21-Day Power of Healthy Challenge Invite

Blog, Faith, Health + Wellness, Inner Healing, Podcast, Special Guest

Valuable Voices Podcast Guest + 21-Day Power of Healthy Challenge Invite

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Have you allowed the Holy Spirit into your heart to heal you from your past pain and traumas? You have to allow Him to come into your soul, guide you into the memories that cause you pain, and finally, heal you in a way only He can.

Episode 10. Practical Inner Healing And Deliverance Exercise – PART 2: Guest Interview With Teia Martinez + Robyn Wright

Blog, Inner Healing, Podcast, Special Guest

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Episode 09. How To Find Inner Healing And Deliverance From Body Image, Weight Loss, And Dieting Trauma – Part 1: Guest Interview With Teia Martinez & Robyn Wright

Did you know that Jesus is ready to deliver us from our traumas? To give us healing and the opportunity to feel alive again? It is important not to allow the enemy to make you feel that your trauma is your fault because it’s not, and only God can truly give you healing.

Blog, Faith, Inner Healing, Podcast, Special Guest

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Do you struggle with perfectionism? Because I do, and it stops me from focusing on the most important areas of my life, like health and wellness. We’re all living our own versions of reality, and it is up to you to seek Holy Spirit’s guidance on the things you need to prioritize to live an intentional life.

Episode 07. Is Perfection Keeping You Stuck? 5 Action STEPS You Can Take to Get Things Flowing Again

Blog, Health + Wellness, Inner Healing, Podcast


Beginner's Guide: 3 steps to Creating A More Holistic Home

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“Heidi has such a gift for inspiring and encouraging! I love her fierce love for her family and wanting to meet mamas where they are, infusing them with faith to see they can find empowerment from God to take control of their life and health.”

- Robyn Wright, Faithfully Living Fit

“I love how Heidi not only cares deeply about health and wellness but inspires us all that part of living holistically involves our spiritual lives! I can always count on Heidi to deliver material that is astutely informative and faithfully inspired helping me live my best life!”

- Wendy Henley, Author and Mindset Coach

“I came across Heidi while looking into personal healing. Heidi offers so much value and helpful information to a new or seasoned Christian. I am really enjoying learning new biblical ways. Can’t wait to hear and learn more! Thank you!”

- 'Country Girl'

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