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the power of pure essential oils

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"The difference from present day to when I was introduced to oils with Heidi is so significant. We are able to make sound decisions that we know are natural and pure for our family. From headaches to gut health and calming an upset toddler to easing anxiety and stress, they have dramatically changed the way that we view our healthcare. There isn't a day that goes by that my husband and I look at one another and say how thankful we are for our essential oils!" - Ashley B

"My son came to me tonight, asking if I had anything that would help his headache besides the tension blend. So I put a drop of lavender, peppermint, and frankincense with a few drops of fractionated coconut oil in my hand and massaged it into the back of his neck. Then I had him inhale the scent from my hand for 30 seconds. Within minutes he said he felt better. I love my oils!" - Sara C

“I have a compromised immune system because of having to take immunosuppressants, but I've stayed 100% healthy so far this winter season thanks to the immune and cellular blends, the oil supplements and probiotics!" - Mary A

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verses to overcome emotional eating

arm yourself with weapons to demolish strongholds, eliminate self-doubt, remove emotional blocks, and align you with the truth of who God says you are!

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"I never thought of using a spiritual approach and focusing on God for my weight loss attempts. I say attempts because over the last 28 years, I've tried everything and failed, and never understood why I couldn't lose the weight. I'm now 30 pounds lighter and have the knowledge and confidence to reach my goal."

- Rachel K, Biblical Weight Loss Blueprint participant

"I'm 30 days in and starting to see big changes!! I'm down 18lbs so far and about 16". But the biggest blessings have been seeing the negative self talk and obsessive food thoughts disappear. Without the constant chatter of lies in my mind, I'm finally able to focus on what matters most. I can tell a big difference mentally with this program and I'm winning again! I really needed this to help me get back on track. My husband would probably agree that I'm a much happier, healthier Heidi these days!" 

- Heidi B, Biblical Weight Loss Blueprint Founder

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growth & development

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