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What can you do today to bring your desire to reality without worrying about tomorrow? To make your goal a reality, you have to set up a system to keep them at the forefront and create a vision of the goal being accomplished.

Episode 18. Pt 2: Final Tip For Failed New Year’s Resolutions – How To Set GOALS That Light You Up PLUS Essential Oils For Stress, Overwhelm, Focus + Motivation

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Beginner's Guide: 3 steps to Creating A More Holistic Home

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“Heidi has such a gift for inspiring and encouraging! I love her fierce love for her family and wanting to meet mamas where they are, infusing them with faith to see they can find empowerment from God to take control of their life and health.”

- Robyn Wright, Faithfully Living Fit

“I love how Heidi not only cares deeply about health and wellness but inspires us all that part of living holistically involves our spiritual lives! I can always count on Heidi to deliver material that is astutely informative and faithfully inspired helping me live my best life!”

- Wendy Henley, Author and Mindset Coach

“I came across Heidi while looking into personal healing. Heidi offers so much value and helpful information to a new or seasoned Christian. I am really enjoying learning new biblical ways. Can’t wait to hear and learn more! Thank you!”

- 'Country Girl'

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