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Hey Beloved! Join me for a guest interview I did on my friend Shannon Klenk’s podcast. Shannon is a Happiness Coach and host of Finally Effing Happy podcast.

Episode 47. Are You Living Your BEST Life? Firing On All Cylinders With Essential Oils, Detox + Nutrition For Cellular Health, And Inner Healing

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Are You Living Your BEST Life? Firing On All Cylinders With Essential Oils, Detox + Nutrition For Cellular Health, And Inner Healing

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Episode 40. TOP 10 Essential Oils For SUMMER First Aid – SAFETY | Summer Vacation And Car Travel With Kids HACKS

Do you want to live your best life during summer? Do you want to reduce the itchiness, swelling, oozing, bleeding, blistering, burns, and much more issues that come with summertime? Then have no fear, essential oils are here!

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This exquisite beauty comes in its purest, most potent form from Bulgaria. Emotionally it helps release trauma. It’s great for cognitive function. It’s a power-house oil for immunity – like for things modern medicine can’t touch and have even become resistant to! It’s a more expensive oil because it takes 6,000 lbs of plant material to distill 1lb of essential oil and it has a low yield.

Episode 38. ESSENTIAL OIL SPOTLIGHT: 7 Ways To Use MELISSA Essential Oil For Stress, Dark Depressive Moods, Viruses, Inflamed Skin, Emotional Balance, Seasonal Allergies, Pain, Tension And More!

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Do you want to increase your awareness, reduce stress, and invite the purity of nature into your body? How about experimenting with forest bathing and consciously immerse yourself in the sights, smells, and sounds of the forest? You can do this in the comfort of your home if going to the forest is out of the question for you.

Episode 36. Air Vitamins: Forest Bathing With Essential Oils PLUS 5 Benefits To Help You Stress Less, Boost Health, Reduce Fatigue And Improve Your Mood

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Episode 34. ESSENTIAL OIL SPOTLIGHT: Calming Cedarwood! Warm, Woodsy Goodness For Sleep, Focus, Skin, Repelling Ticks + Other Summer Pests

Today we are spotlighting a special essential oil! Prepare to get grounded (in the best sense!) with one of the most stalwart and earthy oils, Cedarwood.

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How have your children’s behavior and focus been affected by all that’s been going on? Different things that can affect the focus and wellbeing of your children. It is, therefore, important to develop a solid foundation to help your children feel in control of their lives all the time.

Episode 28. Fidgety, Unfocused Kids Stressing You Out While Homeschooling? 5 N.O.R.M.S. to Help Your Child Focus Better, Listen More, and Stay on Task in A Healthy Natural Way

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Hey Beloved, welcome back! Like many other beautiful things in life, mandarins come in colorful shades. If the multiple colors of Mandarin essential oils have left you puzzled in the past, I have good news: the mystery is about to be resolved in your mind once and for all! But green mandarn is the spolight oil of the day today.

Episode 26. The Mystery Of Green Mandarin Essential Oil! A Sustainable Resource For Mood, Detox, Cleaning, and Healthcare

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Episode 23. The Power of Aroma on Overwhelmed Emotions and Anxious Minds PLUS My Top 5 Essential Oils for Mental Health and Emotional Resiliency

Did you know that the power of the aroma in essential oils stimulates your emotional and physical responses? Yes, mama! You can use essential oils not only for your own emotional health but also that of your entire family.

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If you want essential oils for their medicinal benefits, then you have to ensure their purity and potency. But how do you do this when there’s a sea of adulterated essential oils in the market today?

Episode 21. Are You Using Fake Lavender On Your Kids? What to Look for In A Quality Essential Oil and Why Verified Pure Testing and Best Sourcing Practices Matter

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Beginner's Guide: 3 steps to Creating A More Holistic Home

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“Heidi has such a gift for inspiring and encouraging! I love her fierce love for her family and wanting to meet mamas where they are, infusing them with faith to see they can find empowerment from God to take control of their life and health.”

- Robyn Wright, Faithfully Living Fit

“I love how Heidi not only cares deeply about health and wellness but inspires us all that part of living holistically involves our spiritual lives! I can always count on Heidi to deliver material that is astutely informative and faithfully inspired helping me live my best life!”

- Wendy Henley, Author and Mindset Coach

“I came across Heidi while looking into personal healing. Heidi offers so much value and helpful information to a new or seasoned Christian. I am really enjoying learning new biblical ways. Can’t wait to hear and learn more! Thank you!”

- 'Country Girl'

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